What is Open Learning and Educational Support?

Open Learning and Educational Support is the culmination of an extensive process, resulting in the coming together of two departments' Teaching Support Services (TSS) and the Office of Open Learning (OOL). Teaching Support Services' mandate was to provide scholarly support of faculty, to provide expertise in curriculum design, and to maintain and improve learning environments on campus. The Office of Open Learning's mandate was to extend teaching and research expertise of the University of Guelph, and its various partners, beyond the University campus, providing innovative and flexible educational programs. These programs included online and on-campus courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, certificate and diploma programs, customized training packages, and degree-credit and non-credit distance education courses.

Both departments were already viewed internally and beyond our campuses as key partners, innovators and leaders in their respective fields. As research and educational technologies, higher and professional continuing education needs, ESL programming and models of support have evolved, so too has our structures, mandates and approaches, in response to these trends. Open Learning and Educational Support emerges as the next evolution of our work. The synergies resulting from the coming together of these two leading departments will better position us to respond to your continual and evolving needs as both providers and participants in lifelong learning.

Vision Statement

Inspiring and empowering excellence in teaching and learning.

Mission Statement

Open Learning and Educational Support is an integral part of the University of Guelph's learner-centred and research-intensive mission.

As leaders in education, we create innovative and relevant educational opportunities that meet the learning needs of a local and international audience. We are guided by learner-centered principles that are reflected in our diverse programs and rich learning experiences for traditional and lifelong learners. We intentionally integrate pedagogy with technology in the design, development and delivery of our educational programs. Through research and collaboration, we engage in scholarship to advance the teaching and learning mandate of the University.