What is Online Learning?

Welcome to Online Distance Education at the University of Guelph

If you're not sure what online learning is all about, let us give you a brief overview.

Online courses give you the same opportunity to learn as on-campus courses, except that they are much more flexible. You don't have to be in a certain place at a certain time in order to participate. When you sign up for an online or "web-based" course, you'll receive the address or "url" for your course's home page. Your course home page is just like your classroom. From this starting point, you'll be guided through each step of your course - learning activities, resources, discussions with your teacher and coursemates, just to name a few. You'll be taking your course with a group of other students (and we'll suggest a weekly schedule for you to follow with your class), but you can choose the time - day or night - to get online. And although our online courses are web-based, many come with other materials as well, like course manuals, DVDs, CDs, or readers. You'll have some assignments to submit, and you might have a final exam to write (if you do, and you live more than 170 km from the university, we have lots of options to make writing the exam as convenient as possible for you - well, as convenient as writing any exam can be.)

No lectures, no driving, no parking fees, no scheduling hassles. Just a computer, a modem, and a willingness to set aside about 10 hours a week for each course you'd like to take. And our flexible Open Learning program lets you take a course for credit, even if you aren't enrolled in a University of Guelph degree program.

Want to know more?

You can find out more about online learning by browsing through the Frequently Asked Questions. And you are welcome to tour an actual online course to see, step-by-step, how online learning works at the University of Guelph. Feel free to contact us directly by email (info@OpenEd.uoguelph.ca) or at 519 767-5000.