Due Dates? What Due Dates?

"What are the assignments for this course?" That's often the first question most students wonder about (whether they like to admit it or not). That's okay. Assignments are an important part of an online course; they help to connect you to your instructors and to your classmates. And they provide you with a way to see how well you're putting into practice the concepts you're learning.

You'll see the assignments for your course listed under the "Evaluation" section of the course Outline. And you'll find the due dates for each assignment listed in the coursework timeline. We'll try to give you a small assignment early in your course, with others paced throughout the semester. The exact number of assignments will depend upon the course you're taking, but most of our courses have this in common - they'll require you to complete some individual assignments and participate in some group work.

Usually, you'll have several ways to submit your assignments - by fax, as a posting in a computer conference, or by using our Assignment Submission form. (Your course will give you the specific instructions.) Whatever way, our goal is to minimize the time between you sending in an assignment, and you receiving feedback from your instructor or marker.

You might have a final exam to write. If you do, and you live at a distance from the university, we have lots of options to make writing the exam as convenient as possible for you.