From Online Learners

Distance education is definitely more flexible. Attending scheduled classes is not always feasible. I appreciated being able to do course work when it was convenient for me. Sometimes, in the web-based courses, I would be logged on at 4:00 a.m. ...and I wasn't the only one.

Joanne Hohenadel completed many distance education
courses on her way to earning a B.A.Sc. degree,
while working and raising a family

Being able to take courses on-line has allowed me to focus 'when I want to'. I can log on from work or at home. This has proven to be extremely beneficial for me due to my busy lifestyle.

Steve Johnston is finishing his degree requirements
via distance education, while working in Toronto

From Professors

People often comment to me that there must be much less student interaction in online courses than in the traditional face-to-face classroom. I find that this is not the case. I can structure discussion groups that I could never get to work in a large classroom. And students are often more comfortable approaching me in the online environment. Scadding@uoguelph.ca is much less intimidating to approach than the grey-beard professor at the front of a room of 200 students.

One of the greatest advantages of online courses is that I have been able to get beyond the preoccupation with content and get students discussing some of the social and ethical implications of scientific developments. I have never been successful at that in the traditional large lecture setting.

Professor Steve Scadding, BIOL*2210

Why I like teaching online:

Teaching an online course gives me a chance to respond to questions and problems in a more timely way than seeing students only in a classroom, and I don't end up holding office hours that are at inconvenient times for students. With an online course, students can send me messages or ask other students for their ideas, and they don't have to waste time looking around for me.

Students can also choose the time they like best for working, and they tend to do better work as a result. They also like being able to have comments back from me on their assignments more quickly.

Do I miss classroom teaching? Not at all! There is more interaction with online teaching, and no one gets left out. Everybody participates, and we all learn from each other.

Professor Mary Cyr, MUSC*2280