Assignment Cover Page

To accurately track the submission of your assignments, please follow the directions below. Be sure to check your course outline for specific requirements.

Students submitting assignments online should open up and fill out the Online Submission Assignment Cover Page Rich Text Format. Then, copy the contents of this page into the document that you are submitting. Detailed instructions can be accessed below.

Students submitting assignments in hard copy should print off and fill out the Print Submission Assignment Cover Page PDF Format.

If your address has changed, please let us know. To ensure that your assignments are returned to you promptly, please complete the change of address form.

If you have any questions about these forms, please contact Open Learning and Educational Support at

Submitting Assignments Online

You can submit assignments to your course instructor using the "Submit" link from the course menu.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all online courses are currently using the submit feature.

How to "Copy and Paste" your Assignment Cover Sheet

Using this function of windows is something you will find easy and useful in many Windows applications.

The Assignment Cover Sheet should be at the beginning of all assignment submitted electronically.

To begin, bring up the Assignment Cover Sheet on your screen. At the top of the screen, click with the left mouse button on Edit. A pull down menu will appear and you will choose Select All as seen in the first example.

Screenshot of Edit pull down menu in Microsoft Word

Your screen should now look like the second example which shows the text highlighted in blue. We refer to this blue area as Blocked Text.

Screenshot of blocked text in Microsoft Word

To capture this text in what is called your Clip Board click your left mouse button again on Edit and this time choose Copy. You computer now has kept a memory of the blocked text and will keep that memory until you choose something else to copy.

Now go to your assignment. Position your cursor at the top of the document and once again click with the left mouse button on Edit and this time choose Paste. This should insert The Assignment Cover Page into where your cursor was on the page.

Screenshot of Edit pull down menu in Microsoft Word with Paste function highlighted

Now all you have to do is fill out the form and save your document.

File Format

Save your assignment in Rich Text format (RTF) using the Save As... feature from the file menu of your word processing program. If you are using a text editor, you can simply save your file in the normal manner which will save it as a text file.

Screenshot of File pull down menu in Microsoft Word highlighting Save As feature

Click on the Save as type: drop-down list in the Save As menu and select Rich Text Format (*.rtf). Do not use spaces within your file name when you save it.

Screenshot of Save As dialogue box in Microsoft Word

Submitting Your Assignment

Click on the Submit link from the course menu bar.

Uploading a file:

  • Select the file that you wish to upload your assignment to by clicking on the drop down menu located under folder.
  • Click on Browse to locate the file you wish to upload.
  • Under the title description enter a brief description of your file.
  • Finally, click Upload to complete the process
  • You will be shown the statistics of your upload including your name, date, time ,file name, file size, and a message confirming a successful upload. If your upload is unsuccessful you will receive a message stating that the file transfer was not successful.
  • Note: not all courses use the online Submit feature. Check your Course Outlines for Submission Guidelines.