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Equine Functional Anatomy

Please Note

Next offering Fall 2013

Semester: Winter 2013
Start Date: January 07, 2013
End Date: March 31, 2013


Certificate of Achievement



Program Website

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Continuing Education


12 weeks

There are no set times you must be online.
It is recommended you visit the course site a minimum of 3 times a week.

Tuition Fees

$549.00 CAD


Department: Equine Guelph
Centre for Open Learning and Educational Support

External: Agricultural Adaptation Council


Dr. Wendy Brett


The majestic movement of the horse never fails to thrill horse lovers the world over. The ability of the horse to move and achieve such a variety of athletic feats is fascinating to watch. How does the horse do this? This non-degree online course examines the components of the systems that enable these athletic achievements. It is a study of the functions of those components, and the anatomical structures that fulfill those functions. A case scenario is used to introduce anatomy and how it all works.

This course is entirely online, so no travel to the University of Guelph is required.

NOTE: This course is a core course in the Equine Science Certificate and Diploma in Equine Studies programs. For details about these programs, please see the program websites.

Designed For

those interested in the structure and function of the horse, including riders, trainers, photographers, artists and others.

Grading Scheme

Participation: (3 submissions selected from weeks 1-5 and 6-10) 30%
5 Quizzes at 2% each 10%
Minor Assignment 10%
Major Assignment 50%
Total: 100%

Assessment Method

Participation in the online discussion forums.
Online quizzes
Papers submitted via the course website.

Course Topics

The Musculoskeletal System
The Anatomical Features that Supply Fuel to the Horse
The Lungs and Respiratory System
The Excretory Systems
The Nervous and Endocrine Systems
The Reproductive Systems
The Skin

Course Prerequisites

Completion of Grade 12 or equivalent,
or at least 18 years of age.

It is recommended Equine Science Certificate students complete Functional Anatomy before the elective Exercise Physiology if selected.

We recommend Diploma in Equine Studies students complete this course prior to Exercise Physiology.


Required Materials Provided:

  • Course manual and supporting materials.

Required Materials Not Provided:


Horse Anatomy: A Colouring Atlas (Confirmed)
Edition: Second
Author(s): Robt. Kainer and Thomas McCracken
Published by: Alpine Publications in 1998
ISBN 1-57779-02-9 (wirebound edition)
Publisher's website:

Building the Equine Hoof (Confirmed)
Author(s): David Hood, Connie Swenson & Bruce Johnson
Published by: Zinpro Corporation in 2002
Publisher's website:


For more information
Contact: Info Line
Phone: 519 824-4120 ext. 55000

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