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The Equine Industry

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Next offering Winter 2014

Semester: Winter 2013
Start Date: January 07, 2013
End Date: March 31, 2013


Credit Towards a Diploma



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Continuing Education

Tuition Fees

$549.00 Regular Tuition Fee


Department: Equine Guelph
Centre for Open Learning and Educational Support


Gayle Ecker


This course has been designed to learn more about the issues and topics that have had or continue to have a profound impact on the industry today and continue to have an impact tomorrow. With this broader vision of the industry, students will have the opportunity to grow beyond the "silos" of their discipline/industry sector and will begin to consider the industry in its larger context and its role as a whole.

While working in the industry it will always be necessary to focus daily on the specific priorities of the your discipline or association but this course will help students develop and maintain the "view from 40,000 feet".

We have invited an excellent group of guest speakers to share their expertise and excitement of horses with students:
Dr. Sandra Olsen, Curator of Anthropology at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, discussing the first evidence of domestication in horses
Dr. Jeff Thomason, University of Guelph, discussing the evolutionary changes to the horse's hoof and its implications
Derek Nelson, Historical Military Strategist, on the role of the horse in military and others.

The Equine Industry is one of six courses offered as part of the Certificate in Equine Business Management and as an elective in the Diploma in Equine Studies program. This course can be taken as a single continuing education course for interested individuals.

Designed For

Anyone involved in the Equine Industry.


By the end of this course you will:
Gain a broad perspective of the equine industry.

Assessment Method

Participation in online discussions with a variety of industry experts is a key component of this course.
Online quizzes
Participation in online discussions
Completion of a paper will be other methods of assessment utilized

Course Prerequisites

The Equine Industry does not require any pre-requisites.
Completion of Grade 12 OR at least 18 years of age.


Required Materials Provided:

  • As student package of materials will be mailed to each student.


Horses Through Time (Confirmed)
Author(s): Dr. Sandra Olsen, Editor
Published by: Carnegie Museum of Natural History; Roberts Rinehart in 2003
ISBN: 1-57098-382-8


For more information
Contact: Info Line
Phone: 519 824-4120 ext. 55000

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